Metropolitan Chess Club

Founded 1890

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Welcome to Metropolitan Chess Club

About the club

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Our venue is the Middlesex Community Centre which is situated in Petticoat Square on the right hand side of Middlesex St, 250 yards from the junction with Bishopsgate.  Nearest Stations are Liverpool St., Aldgate and Aldgate East.

Access is now via the Gravel Lane entrance (adjacent to Love’s Café).  When you get to the blue door type 101 and press CALL - someone from the club will respond and buzz you in.  You should take the lift to the first floor and turn left directly in to the new hall.  It is advisable you contact someone via phone or email before you visit.

The venue is available for use from 6pm to 10pm every Thursday.  Play should cease at 9.45 and the building vacated by 10pm. London league matches will start at 6.30pm and Middlesex league at 6.45pm

Coaching: Free, informal, one-to-one coaching is offered to members who are beginners or near-beginners.

Venue map

The Metropolitan chess club is one of the oldest clubs in London.  It was founded in 1890 with the amalgamation of two existing clubs 'The Three Pawns' and 'The Monument'.

We currently have over 50 members and welcome new members of all abilities.  We have many teams in both the London and Middlesex Leagues, so players of all standards are always able to find a serious game if they want to. As we are based in a central location in the City of London , most of our matches are played at home or very nearby in the Barbican.  In addition, we have had a team in the 4NCL depending on interest.

If you are interested in joining our club, please feel free to come along to any of club nights (Thursdays), play a few games and speak to a member about joining.  Alternatively you can download and return the membership application form to the address shown on it.

The annual subscription is currently 80 pounds annually, which runs from the 1st October until the 30th September each year. If you join part way through the subscription year a pro rata subscription will apply.  There are also discounts available to those who have retired or on benefits.

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Click here for an application form



Last Updated on Monday, 29 September 2014 10:02

First match of the season - Hackney 3 vs Met 2 London League


Match between Hackney 3 and Met 2 is in the balance 4.5 v 4.5 waiting for one adjournment to be played!

Watch out for more reports and the next derby match Met 4 vs Met 3 at the club 2/10/14


Division Three Trophy: Hackney 3 vs Metropolitan 2

Date: 29-09-2014, Division: Three, Trophy: Division Three Trophy
Grading limit: <sopen, Colours: determined by toss, Rounds: 1
BoardHome playerResultAway playerGrading
difference (Δ)
one Terence M Donnelly s168,B Terence M Donnelly had the black pieces 0-1 George Dickson s166,X   George Dickson s166,X had the white pieces +2
two John Tennyson s169,C  John Tennyson had the white pieces 1-0 I Fraser-Lees  I Fraser-Lees – had the black pieces
three Paul Conway s161,D Paul Conway had the black pieces 1/2-1/2 Noel M Stewart s156,A   Noel M Stewart s156,A had the white pieces +5
four Peter Anderson s142,A Peter Anderson had the white pieces 1-0 Geoffrey L Bishop s152,X   Geoffrey L Bishop s152,X had the black pieces -10
five Robin J Oakley s141,B  Robin J Oakley had the black pieces 1-0 Max Mallin s147,D  Max Mallin s147,D had the white pieces -6
six Zeynel Polat s145,D Zeynel Polat had the white pieces 0-1 Kevin P Lenaghan s146,C   Kevin P Lenaghan s146,C had the black pieces -1
seven Christopher A Levy s145,C Christopher A Levy had the black pieces 0-1 Ian Mason s145,A   Ian Mason s145,A had the white pieces
eight Peter A Burgoyne s135,B  Peter A Burgoyne had the white pieces 1/2-1/2 Ray P Hamilton s124,A   Ray P Hamilton s124,A had the black pieces +11
nine Dominic Leigh s134,C Dominic Leigh had the black pieces 1/2-1/2 Martin Leman s120,A   Martin Leman s120,A had the white pieces +14
ten Mark Rivlin s130,C  Mark Rivlin had the white pieces adjourned Charlie Cooke s129,A   Charlie Cooke s129,A had the black pieces +1
Mean grading Home team: 147 Away team: 142.8 Δ = 4.2
match result: 4.5 — 4.5
with 1 game adjourned on board ten
Submitted by: Peter Burgoyne at: 08:38:24 on: 30-09-2014
Awaiting confirmation from: Kevin Lenaghan

Club AGM


The club will have its AGM this Thursday at the club venue.

Chess games should not be played during the AGM.



Members lightning tournament


Email from Pascal:


Dear member,


We are planning to run a one evening lightning tournament at the club on Thursday 25th September.


This lightning tournament is a kind of fast chess where the time of thinking is fixed to 10 seconds. Each move is played every ten seconds until the end of the game.

We shall set a maximum time of game to half an hour; thus allowing multiple games in the same evening.

Notice that the player must make his/her move when the buzzer sounds. Failing to do so would be considered as a loss.


There is no entry fee and the results are not sent for grading.

Registrations will open on the evening at 6.30pm. The first games will start at 6.45pm.

Depending on the number of entries, we will try to form a major group and a minor group (grade being more than 135 for the major). Depending also on the number of players per group, there may be a single round or a double round.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

We hope that you can come to this exciting event.


Best wishes,



Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 September 2014 09:21

Middlesex league fixtures

Please find a link for the Middlesex league fixtures

The Middlesex league website can be found here


MET1 ALB1 04/12/2014 -
MET1 EAL1 26/02/2015 -
MET1 HEN3 27/11/2014 -
MET1 KH2 02/04/2015 -
MET1 MH2 05/02/2015 -
MET1 WIL1 13/11/2014 -
MET1 WL1 22/01/2015 -
Last Updated on Sunday, 21 September 2014 19:16

Get ready for 2014-2015 Chess season


From the end of September the fixtures for various chess leagues will be announced.

This is the best time to join up as Metropolitan has 6 teams in the London league and teams in other competitions.

Watch the site for the seasons fixture dates and other events.


Club Calendar

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Chess Quotes

Iran, the only country in the world that bans Chess. Ayatollah Khomeini banned the game because "it hurts memory and may cause brain damage." He also said Chess contributes to a war-mongering mentality.

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