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Chess Training

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This is a section to help members develop their skill and give some pointers to further chess improvement.  As time allows and interest is shown I will attempt to fill out this section with more details.

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End games

As a starter I have listed the basic end games that any beginner should attempt to master.

King + Queen vs. King

King + Rook vs. King

King + Bishop (black square) + Bishop (white square) vs. King

King + Bishop + Knight vs. King

King + Pawn vs. King

King + Queen vs. King + Pawn


Far more difficult but important in practice

King + Rook vs. King + Pawn

King + 2 or more Pawns vs. King + 1 or more Pawns


Middle Games

Probably the most important advice is to practice tactics first before getting too involved with strategie.  At the beginner level games are often decided by significant loss of pieces/material or a relatively simple check mate.  As you progress you find that opponents make less mistakes and fall for fewer traps this is when you will need to study more advanced concepts.

For the beginner I recommend the following.

1. Study lots of combination puzzle books.

2. Learn as many common check mates as possible

3. Study some simple middle game concepts e.g. Rooks on the 7th rank

4. Get familiar with common traps, ideas and combinations that occur in your favorite openings.



There are general rules on how to play the opening.

1. Develop quickly

2. Castle as early as possible

3. Control the center

For beginners it is difficult to know what is the best choice of opening.  There are number of systems that are flexible and can be played without worrying too much about what the opponent is doing.  Also there are common attacks or defensive systems used by beginners because the theory is easy to understand.

1. Hedgehog systems - defensive and slow setup but difficult to breakdown.

2. Kings Indian Attack systems - simple setup with a common attack plan.

3. English Attack against Sicilian defense - simple setup with a common attack plan

4. Center-Counter against e4 openings - immediately avoid white preparation.

5. c3 anti Sicilian.

6. Bb5 anti Sicilian.









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Chess Quotes

Dr. Tarrasch is a thinker, fond of deep and complex speculation. He will accept the efficacy and usefulness of a move if at the same time he considers it beautiful and theoretically right. But I accept that sort of beauty only if and when it happens to be useful. He admires an idea for its depth, I admire it for its efficacy. My opponent believes in beauty, I believe in strength. I think that by being strong, a move is beautiful too. Emanuel Lasker