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Founded 1890

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Members Games

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A selection of games annotated by Metropolitan members (new games will appear at the top)



N Staples v Ian Gallagher
A rapidplay game where white's king gets chased across the board (and a queen sac for good measure).

Ian Gallagher v N Davies
Ian gives up 4 pawns and 2 rook sacs to chase the black king to its doom.




Alterman v Austin O'Hara 
Austin O'Hara draws with GM Boris Alterman in a online simul.

Laderman v Austin O'Hara 
Austin O'Hara beats IM Alex Laderman in a online simul! Very nice tactic  at the end.


P Richmond v Nick Noden
The decisive game from the 2004 National Club championship which took us through to the final!

G Vasco v J Wilby
A long-term piece sac in a Closed Sicilian from the 2004 Naumann Cup.

G Free v Nick Noden
An exciting game from the first round of the 2004 National Club Championship.

R Hanson v McAllen
Rob's first win over a 150 - with a move-by-move insight into what he was thinking through the game.

L Crane v Nick Noden
White's chooses a slow set-up against the Sicilian, but its defects are shown up in style.

Nick Noden v Kieran Murphy
An instructive quick win from a Met 1 vs Met 2 match.

J Radavanovic v Nick Noden
A difficult game. Nick sacrifices a centre pawn and is well rewarded.

Robert Kruszynski v Y Hernandez
Rob in a more positional mode, keeping his opponent's two bishops locked up.

Robert Kruszynski v Colin Roberts
A very well annotated and instructive game from Rob, played at the 4NCL.

Nick Noden v Norman Oliver
Nick makes his opponent swear out loud (see notes).

Colin MacKenzie v Norbert Fogarasi
Sharp tactics arise sometimes from the quietest openings.

Earl Jones v Norbert Fogarasi
A wild and fun game with a cheeky finish

Nick Noden v Ron Watson
Nick proves he can play the French Advance.

A.Kikoyo v Ian Calvert
Tactics abound at the 4NCL as Ian gambits a pawn in the opening for a big lead in development. A very elegent finish ensues.

A.Price v Norbert Fogarasi
An impressive win by Norbert at the Monmouth Open, the half-open g-file proves to be decisive.

A.N.Other v Nick Noden
A gruesome minature from the king-exposed-in-centre department.

Chris Bennett v J.McVicar (Kings Head I)
Half hour down on the clock and massively outgraded, Chris pulls off the upset of the year.

George Dickson v A.Cherniaev (Hackney I)
Another IM fails to get the better of George!

John Kitchen v Collins Young
A rare loss for Collins in the 2002 Club Championship.

Aronis Gedvilas v Kathy Griffiths
First round of the 2002 summer championship. Three queens on the board and Kathy gives up both of hers to avoid mate!

Zafer Djabri v M. Smith (Streatham II)
Both sides take a turn at attacking on an open board, but in the end Zafer calculates one move further..

R Garrett v Stuart Pink
A young Stuart playing in the BCF U14 squad championship sacrifices piece after piece to tear his opponent's kingside to shreds in 3 moves.

Nick Noden v Geoff Keeling
A rare win for Metropolitan in the 4ncl qualification tournament. Nick slowly turns the screw on his opponent.

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