Metropolitan Chess Club

Founded 1890

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Club Teams

Team Name Team Captain
4NCL Charlie Cooke
London 1 Noel Stewart
London 2 Kevin Lenaghan
London 3 Giovanni Vasco
London 4 Joe Farrell
London 5 Pascal Jasserand
Middlesex 1 John Kitchen
Middlesex 2 Mark Oakden
Middlesex F4 Vince Brady
Metropolitan Knights Noel Stewart

Chess Quotes

I thought for a little while before playing this, knowing that I would be subjected thereafter to a terrific attack, all the lines of which would be of necessity familiar to my adversary. The lust of battle, however, had been aroused within me. I felt that my judgment and skill were being challenged. I decided that I was honor bound, so to speak, to take the pawn and accept the challenge, as my judgment told me that my position should then be defensible. Jose R. Capablanca (on being confronted by Marshall's new Marshall Attack)