Metropolitan Chess Club

Founded 1890

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Club Teams

Team Name Team Captain
4NCL Charlie Cooke
London 1 Noel Stewart
London 2 Kevin Lenaghan
London 3 Giovanni Vasco
London 4 Joe Farrell
London 5 Pascal Jasserand
Middlesex 1 John Kitchen
Middlesex 2 Mark Oakden
Middlesex F4 Vince Brady
Metropolitan Knights Noel Stewart

Chess Quotes

He was of medium height, lean, but no padding needed for his shoulders. And such pride in the posture of his head! You would know no one could dingle-dangle that man. I can visualize him so clearly, with his dark hair and large gray-green eyes. Believe me, when he took a stroll, in his black derby hat and carrying a cane, no handsomer young gentleman ever graced Fifth Avenue. Bernard Epstein (Capa's college roommate)